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[T E S T I M O N I A L S]

"Tiffany has come to my house on numerous occasions to tan me as well as some of my friends and even my husband. She makes me feel absolutely comfortable and her product is amazing! My tan lasts almost 2 weeks and looks very natural. Also, it does not smell funny like other products, so you can go on about your business the same day. Tiffany brings everything with her, so you don't have to worry about any product stains in your home or your towels. I highly recommend her! Call her today and become a bronzed beauty!"


San Diego, CA


"This was actually my first time ever to do a spray tan and Tiffany was so helpful and walked me through it step by step.  I knew exactly how to prep, get sprayed, and follow up care.  It's all the special attention and service is what I think makes Enhanced Radiance stand out!"

Elizabeth S.

San Diego, CA

"Being that this was my first time ever getting a spray tan, I was very hesitant.  I've seen people with some horrific looking tans, and was concerned I would end up looking the same way.  I made sure to exfoliate right before my tan session.  Needless to say, I'm completely satisfied with the end result!  I've now become a regular and couldn't be happier.  I receive so many compliments on my skin on a regular basis.  I love it!  Thanks Tiffany for your amazing work and product!!"

Maddi O.

San Diego, CA

"I was spray tanned by Tiffany last weekend and I was so impressed!  I have been hesitant to try it considering some people tend to look orange, but I only look bronze!  It has been five days and I have hardly any fading in my color, I will definitely be using her again!  She was reasonably price compared to other mobile services and she came to my house which was so convenient for me."​

Caitlin R.

San Diego, CA

[body bronze]

“ I honestly have to say THANK YOU to the Body Bronze for developing such an incredible product. ” 

Lisa Schraer Las Vegas, NV
National Figure Champion
Los Angeles Figure Champion
The BodyRock Figure/ Monica Brant Classic Champion
Nevada State Figure Champion
Las Vegas Classic Figure Champion


“ I have used Body Bronze for a few years now and prior to discovering it just tried about every product on the market. Body Bronze is the only self-tanner/bronzer that I use…and I have recommended it to many of my girlfriends who are now loyal fans of the amazing product. I love the cherry almond smell and how “real” my tan looks. I am a model, and sometimes have to look as if I’ve been basking in the Caribbean sun for weeks, within days at a time. Body Bronze can give me that look, without all of the sun exposure and damage my skin. There is no doubt in my mind that this product will save me from getting skin cancer! ” 

Heather Keckler
Miss Arizona USA


“ To Whom it May Concern: I am a 38 year old, working mother of two that doesn't have to time read a magazine, much less make appointments for spray tans or sunbeds. On top of all of this, I am an extremely pale redhead and I am very self conscious of exposing any amount of skin because of my lack of color. I have invested hundreds of dollars in products that are supposed to give me the appearance of suntan. Numerous times I have been disappointed by uneven color and an orangish tone. There are literally eight bottles in my cupboard right now that are only partially used. They represent some of the top names in skin care yet they are woefully ineffective. I am so pleased with the Body Bronze product. It offers one the ability to see what they are applying and a smooth natural tone that doesn't scream "FAKE TAN". It is my go-to product anytime that I am going to be wearing a swimsuit, sundress, shorts or anything that shows anything!! My only complaint is that it is so effective that it will mark your hands during application. This problem is easily solved by using cheap plastic gloves. Body Bronze is a terrific asset to my summer wardrobe. My husband never even knows when I have used it, but almost every time he comments on how great I look! ” 

Wendy McCallum,
Denver, CO


WOW, my tan is unbelievable and I'm so glad you talked me into giving airbrush tanning another chance! After two very bad experiences and looking orange and streaky, I never thought I would try it again. Now, I'm hooked and enjoy telling people my tan is from Body Bronze. As a personal trainer, I promote health and wellness to my clients. All my clients are interested in anti-aging products and love anything that will help them avoid the wrinkles and skin damage. We all know that everyone looks and feels better with a tan. Since my clients started using your products, it is obvious they feel more self-confident and can see the muscle tone they've worked so hard to get.  Thanks for making me a believer and saving me from spending a lot of money in the future on Botox! ” 

Liz Leiberman
H3 Body Training Del Mar, CA

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